Our Software

Valencia is a complete Professional Services Automation system. An elegant solution to project management, CRM, financial reporting, employee administration and other business tools for professional services firms with 5 to 50 employees. Replacing spreadsheets and manual methods of business management with a modern, integrated package that is easy to learn and has a low total cost of ownership. Valencia is ideal for firms of creative professionals working with numerous clients on short to medium term projects. By entering a minimum of project data, you will be able to view real-time project production status, financial projections and multi-year reports of client and project profitability.

  • Project Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • CRM
  • Financial Reporting
  • Employee Managment and more ...

The right information to the right people at the right time.

Our Philosophy

The focus and productivity of your creative professionals is crucial for your business prosperity. Management and administration systems should not add work to their day, nor restrict flexibility or force the use of unfamiliar tools, techniques and terminology. Key financial and operational data should be captured as part of your quoting, planning and management processes. Recording data post-project or as adjunct to core work is in-efficient, error prone and often too late to be useful. The processes required to win, plan and deliver the project should provide all the data necessary to view project status, analyse profitability, manage costs, utilise and reward staff and maximise your client value.