Management for Creative Professionals

Valencia is an elegant solution to project management, financial reporting and administration tools for professional services firms with 5 to 50 employees, replacing spreadsheets and manual methods of business management. If your business is in Market Research or Consulting, Brand Strategy, Development or Management then Valencia is the right choice to manage your business. If your clients are in FMCGs, Telecommunications, Financials Services, Transport, Government then Valencia provides the professionalism and transparency you need.

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Valencia is ideal for firms of creative professionals working with numerous clients on short to medium term projects. By entering a minimum of project data, you will be able to view real-time project production status, financial projections and multi-year reports of client and project profitability. ...


Project Lists

Management of many projects for diverse clients is at the core of Valencia. You can see an overview of status and financials for all projects by client, category or key dates; then drill in to full project details. Project reports provide a full history of projects for your entire company, a single client or a specific team. You can filter for periods or show the entire history for your company. All views can be printed direct to PDF or exported to MS-Excel for analysis.

Project Details

Each project has its own tasks, schedule, room calendar, employees working this project, client contacts for the project, activities, invoices, documents and more. A variety of report formats (e.g. WIP reports) allow you to see this information as you like.

Quoting & Estimating

Using templates and previous project data reliable quotes can be created and recorded; easily accessible to other members of staff. By estimating the value, timing and probability of a proposal turning into a project the Sales Pipeline is built up.

Work in Progress (WIP)

The WIP report tells you all you need to know to run a successful WIP meeting, keeping all your projects on track and your invoicing up to date. WIP reports can be grouped and filtered for specific teams and separate proposals from projects.

Project Costing and Profitability

Entering the major components of a project provides the measure against benchmark of the projects profitability and a place to track real-time performance using timesheets and linking to invoicing.


Customer Relationship Management

Valencia provides a 3 Level Client Hierarchy (Group/Client/Division) with multiple client contacts, contact hisotry and key contact tracking. Merge projects, clients, employees to MS-Word. E-Merge projects, clients, employees to MS-Outlook. Linked to projects to invoices and other documents. Connect clients to a folder on your server for easy document retreival.

Client Library

Use the Client Library see the full history of a client. Look up previous projects for quoting and planning. Improve your knowledge of your clients business. Provide transparency to your clients on request.

Campaigns & Communications

Build Campaigns and assign contacts via filtering of industry, roles, demographics, sales history and relationship.

Track incoming and outgoing communications with client contacts

Client Budgets

Create a sales budget for a client or group and assign to an employee or team.


Sales Pipeline

The Sales Pipeline provides a forward estimate of income based on current projects, proposals and opportunities. The estimated income is weighted according to the probability of winning the project. The data is derived by simply entering a project name, estimated value, estimated start & end dates and probaility of the project being won.

Cashflow Forecast

The Cashflow Forecast provides a forward estimate of cashflow based on current projects, proposals and opportunities. Using the company budget for expenses and pro-forma invoicing and purchase orders allows you to forecast cashflow for forward months.

Financial Reporting

There are dozens of ways to slice and dice your data. Once you have the required set on screen send to PDF or export to XLS.



Use Valencia to manage your employee's Salary Packages, Payroll, Leave, Training, Emergency contact information, Travel, cards, subscriptions etc. Employee management is integrated with business operations to reduce workload and ensure that scheduling or resourcing conflicts are avoided.


Timesheets are integrated with projects, room calendars and employee leave to ensure correct and complete time allocation.


Project Calendars, employee and room calendaring within Valencia can be synchronised with MS-Outlook and integrated with employee leave and training.

Leave Calculations

Valencia maintains your employees sick and annual leave entitlements and tracks leave taken and balances due.


Track training courses and plot employee professional development


Record complex salary package agreements.


Maintain a mutli-level Employee Charge-Out rates history to be applied to the timesheets for calculation of project labour cost.



Documents can be linked to projects, clients, employees and assets via drag and drop. Valencia will open the document or the folder as required. Projects templates provide a list and blank documents to ensure a project is correctly planned and managed.


Maintain a full list of all your business assets and manage insurance, depreciation and maintenance


Valencia uses a secure database with team, role and individual based access and security. There is an auto-backup system, and event log and a full audit trail of user activity.


Valencia provides fields for recording the archive location of project or client materials.

Software Integration

Integrates with MS-Office (Excel, Word, Access) Import/Export to MYOB, Quicken etc Import/Export to CRMs Conforms to XRBL standards


Increase the number of clients, projects and staff without the purchase of more software licences, technology or additional administration staff. Increase Production and Delivery Capacity.

+ Suppliers, Billing, Invoices, Payables, Purchase Order

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How is Valencia Different

We believe in keeping it simple. Valencia does not impose on your business, control your processes or interfere with your people delivering to your clients. Just a single place to view the status and performance of your business, an integrated view of your people.

Why Choose Us

If you run a Professional Services company employing highly paid creative professionals then Valencia is your best choice for business management software